Gravity Digital Walls are here to push boundaries and realize your vision. Simple to custom. Same steps: 


    Begin by measuring the space or at least establishing its approximate dimensions as closely as possible (all Gravity murals are sized to order). Consider other attributes of the environment such as lighting conditions, privacy needs, acoustic issues, etc. Knowing these will help you select the right options and will improve the efficiency and accuracy of your quote. 


    What inspires you? What overall look are you trying to achieve? Choosing the artwork that’s just right for you can be done in one of the following ways: 

    Select a Standard Gravity Design - Choose one of the designs and colorways in this book. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to add visual impact, and samples are available for each pattern. 

    Customize a Gravity Design - Each of the designs in the Gravity collection can be customized in a variety of visual and functional ways. See Custom Options (below) to learn more! 

    Create a Bespoke Piece of Art - Share your concept with us and let our talented design team create a unique piece of art just for you. 

    Provide Your Own Image/Stock Image - Have something else in mind? Gravity Digital Walls offers full contract printing services for third party images. 


    Once you’ve selected your artwork and determined the size of your mural(s), contact your sales representative for a quote. The quote will outline all of the necessary information to add the product (whether standard or custom) to your specification.

Custom Options

Gravity Digital Walls can be modified to address both aesthetic and functional needs. Your sales representative will gladly answer any questions regarding customization and assist you with finding the right solution for your needs. Some of the more common customizations include: 

Change the Color of a Design - A cost-effective way to adapt any design to blend with your palette. Just keep in mind that complex, tonal designs can be more subjective to custom color than those with flat, solid colors. 

Modify the Composition of a Design - Add text or a logo. Overlay a photo. Remove elements. Our designers can make adjustments to emphasize and fine-tune your favorite part of a design. 

Change the Scale of a Design - Love a motif but wish it were twice as big? Just ask! In addition to custom sizing every Gravity mural, the scale of the artwork can be adjusted as well. Of course not all artwork can scale infinitely without degradation, but our designers will advise you of any potential issues. 

Change the Base Material - All of the standards in this volume are printed on a pre-determined base material (identified in the product code below each thumbnail). In addition to these, your Gravity design can be printed on a variety of other materials that address a range of functional applications as well as adding excitement! See Materials (below) to learn more.


11” x 17” Memo Samples are available for every standard design from the Gravity collection. They feature a full-scale crop of the design, swatches of the design’s colors, and they are printed on the design’s actual material. Your sales representative can also share Feeler Samples that demonstrate our other available printable materials. 

In addition to these samples, digital mockups are used to fine-tune artwork during a project prior to final approval. A Strike-Off is then produced for final approval. 


Gravity offers a wide range of standard and optional printable materials to provide a variety of functional and aesthetic solutions. In addition to these we have the ability to print on other substrates as well, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for be sure to ask your sales representative. 

Note that all the standard Gravity designs in this volume are printed on a pre-determined standard material (indicated by its product code), but you may custom select a different material for any design. 


20 oz. Type II White Vinyl (Smooth or Textured Emboss) 
20 oz. Type II Silver Mylar Vinyl (Smooth or Textured Emboss) 
Clear Polyester Window Film 


Non-PVC Wallcovering (Smooth or Textured Emboss) 
Rigid Protective Panels 
Acoustical Fabric (See Acoustical Products
Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) 


Each standard design in this volume is labeled with a product code (in the lower right corner of its thumbnail). This code identifies the default base material on which that particular design is printed: 

TWV-C-IL: 20 oz. Type II White Vinyl (Textured Emboss) 
SSM-WC-IL: 20 oz. Type II Silver Mylar Vinyl (Smooth Emboss) 
PWF-W-UN: Clear Polyester Window Film (Patterns in White Ink Only) 
PWF-CWC-UN: Clear Polyester Window Film (Patterns in Full Color) 


Where applicable, Gravity products are top-coated with our ImageLock® protective coating, which adds the necessary flame retardancy that is required for Class A certification on most digitally printed Type II substrates. Additional benefits include better abrasion, stain, and UV resistance, and increased antimicrobial properties.

Acoustical Products 

All of our Gravity designs can be printed on our Acoustical Fabric. The fabric is then wrapped onto a sound absorptive panel of your choice. We offer a variety of panel types to suit a range of needs. 

Traditional Fiberglass Acoustical Panel 
Ecocore Acoustical Panel
- Made of 100% Polyester. Our Ecocore panels are high-impact, tackable and made with recycled materials. 

For additional information on our acoustical products, please contact your local rep.